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VPOS Payment Gateway

Modirum VPOS is a sophisticated Payment Gateway for Card Not Present transaction processing and management. VPOS constitutes the complete solution for PSPs,Acquirers, Processors, Retailers that would like to process ecommerce transactions utilizing the most recent payment options and methods, in a multicurrency environment, with advanced security and performance.



  • Developed for high volume payment processor environments with multi-merchant, multi-acquirer, multicurrency and multichannel support
  • Real Time Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Multiple payment methods – Credit/Debit cards, Bank Account payments,PayPal, Visa.Checkout, Masterpass, Domestic and Private Label cards
  • Sophisticated switching capabilities
  • Specific support for the internet gambling industry
  • Sophisticated design
    • Fully customizable payment page – Powerful GUI for system management & configuration ( 2FA support with SMS OTP)
    • Supports all known host messaging protocols and transaction types – Recurring & Installments support
    • Flexible incoming txn interfaces – Redirection (3DSecure), XML Api (3D Secure) , Batch (mass payments) with VAU support.
    • Open APIs for 3rd party integrations
    • Real time statistics
    • Email alerts in case of system errors



MDPay VPOS supports the following core functionality:

    • Support of multiple txn search criteria;results can be exported into csv, pdf and xls formats
    • Detailed txn details and history
    • Support of all known txn types i.e sale, preauth, capture, void, refund, recurring, installments e.t.c
    • Fully customized payment templates
    • Ease on administration of daily operations
    • Detailed Merchant configuration per processor, per incoming channel,per brand
    • Dedicated payment page and payment options configurable on a per processor and merchant basis.
    • Complete support and configuration of confirmation emails


Security Features   

  • Certified according to the latest PA-DSS Guidelines
  • Support of Risk & Fraud prevention – BIN Blocking, Card Blocking, country, IP, velocity checks
  • Data encryption and decryption according to PCI-PA guidelines utilizing a dedicated batch processing server
  • SSL based secure channel for payment page rendering
    • options on application server level to support ssl private key protection utilizing HSM devices

Integrated Fraud Scoring Server for Real time fraud detection :

  • Administrative interface
  • Customer frontend
  • Sophisticated Rule engine
  • Several packages according to customer needs
  • HSM protected
  • Scenario Engine
  • Allows clients to tweak and optimize rules and re-run their last years transactions


Product Availability

  • Binary Application Licence for in-house implementation
  • Modirum VPOS Hosted service
  • Source Code provision