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MDpay MPI is a 3-D Secure Merchant Plug-In (MPI) product developed for high volume processors and acquirers offering a MPI as an on-behalf service to merchants.



3-D Secure Protocol Support


MDpay MPI is certified for 3D-Secure protocol specifications:

  • American Express SafeKey
  • Diners ProtectBuy
  • JCB J/Secure
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • Verified by Visa




MDpay MPI is designed for high volume transaction environments, supporting:

  • An unlimited number of merchants per installation
  • Full compliance with 3-D Secure Protocol Specification 1.0.2 messaging and Visa Security Requirements.
  • Multiple authentication schemes at an ACS including Core, Chip-card and X.509 Certificate based.
  • Multiple platform and web-server support.
  • Multiple integration and deployment options
  • Stateless operation – allowing highly scalable and redundant deployment architecture.
  • Multi-threaded architecture.
  • Multiple Directory Servers for redundancy and automatic failover.
  • Load balancing – up to ten parallel machine nodes in a load balanced setup.
  • Comprehensive Logging and Audit trails for each transaction by all MPI components.
  • Test and diagnostic tools for merchants and acquirers to troubleshoot simple problems.  Enable verification of functionality of the installed software components independent of the merchant application.


Payment Page Integration Options


MDpay MPI provides multiple interfaces for integration with shopping carts and payment gateways.  The following protocols for integration to the payment page are supported:

  1. HTTP POST as Foreground
  2. HTTP POST as Background
  3. Java as Background
  4. Java as Foreground
  5. Low Level Java
  6. Web Service


Multi-Channel Support


The product supports the following channels by default:

  • Internet (html)
  • Mobile (wml)
  • PDA (html)

Support services


  • Extensive six months maintenance included in all licences covering bug fixes and 3D Secure Protocol upgrades.
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance contracts available covering bronze, silver, gold and 24/7 support service levels.
  • Optional integration service providing a dedicated expert to implement the product at the merchant site or remotely over the phone.
  • Optional audit service providing a 1-2 day review for when clients integrate the product themselves.  The audit ensures the implementation has been carried out successfully.



The MDpay MPI application is pure java implementation on top of servlet and jdbc api’s.  Supports any JDBC compliant database.

Operating System Servlet Engine Database
Linux Tomcat MySQL
Windows, HP-UX, Unix, Sun Solaris, IBM Aix FreeBSD, Tomcat, Weblogic, Sun One, Websphere MySQL, Oracle, Tandem, MSSql, PostgreSQL, DB2, Glassfish

Licencing options


The product offers flexible licencing options to support and meet the business requirements of clients, which include:

  • Single licence.
    • Registration of single merchant for Visa and MasterCard transaction acceptance.
  • Processor Multi-merchant Binary licence.
    • Unlimited number of installations, at unlimited number of sites serving a number of merchants.
  • OEM Source licence.
    • Clients can resell MPI under their own brand name.
    • No additional licence fees/commission payable to Modirum.
  • MDpay Hosted Service.
    • Outsourced model where the MPI is provided as a service.
    • Modirum manages and operates the service on behalf of the client.