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The MDpay ACS software platform is one of the most mature 3D-Secure products on the market. Modirum has been involved with the Visa 3-D Secure protocol since its launch and the first European implementations. Modirum MDpay ACS was the one of first product to be named compliant with the 3-D Secure protocol by Visa and continues its feature and performance leadership.


3-D Secure Protocol Support

MDpay ACS is certified for 3D-Secure protocol specifications:

  • American Express SafeKey
  • Discover ProtectBuy
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • Verified by Visa
  • JCB J-Secure
  • UPOP by Union Pay


Mdpay ACS is designed for high volume card and transaction environments, supporting:

  • An unlimited number of issuers per installation
  • An unlimited number of cards per issuer
  • Multiple languages per issuing bank
  • HSM hardware based database encryption
  • Extensive transaction logging and log search functionality
  • Detailed standard and customised reports
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Secure browser based administration interface, including delegated access levels per issuer, Issuer & card range management, Card enrolment and management and Transaction search & view on message level

Card Management System Plug-Ins

The product supports the following integration alternatives to existing card management systems:

  1. No integration – standalone acs
    –  ACS database (Any JDBC compliant database)
    –  Card data managed through the admin interface
  2. Batch update interface to ACS database
    –  Card data can be updated via batch interface
    –  Transaction data can be exported via batch interface
  3. Http Post based online update and query interface
    –  Card enrolment and card data update
    –  Transaction tracking
    –  Http post based interface for easy integration
    –  Secured by SSL certificates and/or digest
  4. Tight integration with external card store
    –  All or part of card & transaction data outside ACS
    –  Online query to external card management system during transaction
    –  Several messaging architectures possible
  5. Modirum APIs
    – Open API for authentication and Data management
    – Allows issuers to control and manage cardholder data and authentication flows

MDpay ACS supports the following authentication methods:

  1. Standalone authentication by ACS or external bank card management system
    –  Card user passwords stored in ACS database
    –  Enrolment either by user, administrator or batch
  2. Authentication forwarding to external party
    –  Plug-in interface for integrating to external authentication, typically the web-bank
  3. Mobile One-Time-Password via SMS, USSD, SIM Applet, Apps
  4. ModirumID – Out of band authentication App for Android, IOS and Blackberry
  5. Dynamic Passwords – EMV cards and CAP/DPA
  6. Display Cards – OATH HOTP, OCRA, CAP/DPA
  7. Tokens, Password lists, etc

 Multi-Channel Support

The product supports the following channels by default:

  • Internet (html)
  • Mobile (wml)
  • Pda (html)

An unlimited number of languages are supported. Languages can be defined on an issuer, card range or cardholder level.

HSM’s supported

MDpay ACS can use any HSM supporting full openssl functionality and pkcs#11 interface. In addition we support natively Thales Payshield 9000 and Safenet Luna.

Open Architecture

The product is currently being used by Modirum clients in the following architectures:

  • Linux, Windows, Aix, FreeBSD, Solaris, HPUX
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, DB2