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Modirum DS

Modirum DS (Directory Server)

Modirum DS (Directory Server) is a 3-D Secure 2.0 compliant directory server, responsible for authenticating the 3DS Server, routing messages between the 3DS Server and the ACS. Modirum DS Server handles authentication requests and responses between merchants (3DS requestor 3DS Servers) and issuer ACS-es in the interoperability domain of the 3-D Secure 2.0 authentication process.

Directory Server is designed to receive authentication requests for card numbers from 3DS Requestors (merchants) and route them to designated Issuer ACS-es if resoled and participating range.

Modirum DS main functions include:

  • SSL/TLS Mutual Authenticating the 3DS Server and the ACS
  • Routing messages between the 3DS Server and the ACS
  • Validating the 3DS Server, 3DS Requestor, Merchant and 3DS SDK reference number for app based authentication
  • Defining specific programme rules like error handling, time-out values, attempts ACS fallback, etc.
  • Onboarding Acquirers, 3DS Servers, Merchants, Issuers and ACS-es
  • Maintaining registry of ACS Card Ranges and 3DS Method URLs

Modirum DS General Features

  • Multi-schema support
    Supports multiple 3-D Secure 2.0 protocol providers, allowing the directory server to run for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, MIR, etc card ranges if required.
  • Application managed Schema certificates support to save on CA procedures and maintenance
  • Or externally managed Schema certificates support for external CA software users.

Web based administration

Modirum DS Admin interface provides:

  • System management:
    • Admin application users management
    • DS real-time metrics graph (latency and total times)
  • Issuer management:
    • Card Ranges and ACS-es
    • Support for Attempts ACS fallback configurations
  • Acquirer management:
    • 3DSServers, Merchants
  • Server management:
    • Manager application full localization
    • Audit logs of management actions
    • Dual control keys installation with key signers
    • Full CA functionality for issuing and management Scheme certificates
    • DS Acquirer/Issuer entities XML export and import.
  • Authentication Records history

Modirum DS Technical Features

Platforms supported:

  • Ubuntu, Java, Tomcat, MySQL (other options on request).

HSM and smart cards support platform security:

  • PayShield 9000 with AES support;
  • ACOS64 smartcard.

Management application:

  • Restricted user password based authentication;
  • Privileged user 2nd factor authentication with SMS OTP or Modirum ID;
  • Privileged user strong authentication with RSA ID card/user certificate.