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ModirumID Privacy Policy

Personal data in ModirumID

ModirumID can be used as strong authentication method in online services.
Using ModirumID requires some personal data to be shared with the ModirumID in order to make the transactions safe.

ModirumID uses the following personal data:

  • IP addresses are logged in order to prevent and investigate potential fraudulent attacks and transactions. The data may be handed over to the authorities, if necessary. In possible error situations, IP addresses may be used to trace such transactions.
  • User-specific device ID is generated for the application upon installation. This is required for processing authentication requests to registered devices and for generating one-time codes.
  • Phone number is used to route messages to the application. This is an optional feature and not necessarily used.

ModirumID needs permissions to access your device’s services

  • Access to the Internet – the app needs to be able to communicate with ModirumID back-end servers to authenticate you.
  • Enabling phone calls – the app needs a permission to enable phone calls in order to be able to read the IMEI code from the phone using the app.

ModirumID does not send personal data to third parties, with the exception of data required for performing tasks ordered by you such as authenticating an online card payment or logging into an online service. Personal data processed by app is controlled by ModirumID OÜ, company providing the service.

For more information about ModirumID, please contact Modirum Customer Service at

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