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Modirum ACS

Modirum Access Control Server (ACS) is the complete 3-D Secure authentication solution for card issuing banks and payment processors. Modirum ACS comes with various card enrolment options and with latest authentication solutions on the market.

Modirum ACS is certified and approved by:

  • Verified By Visa
  • MasterCard Identity Check
  • American Express SafeKey
  • JCB J-Secure
  • Discover/Diners ProtectBuy
  • Bankcontact
  • MIR

Modirum ACS software features:

  • Support multiple authentication methods;
  • Support numerous card enrolment solutions ready to use;
  • Support cardholder, BIN or card range level configurations as per issuer request;
  • High-level performance and durability;
  • Provide important security features for data and user access protection, including HSM based database encryption;
  • Include online ACS admin tool to follow operations online, on transactions, cardholders, users;
  • Provide multiple built-in convenience features like rules, numerous standard and customised reports, ModirumID, Pass24, etc;
  • Support multi-language options for authentication and for ACS admin tool;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Support of well-known HSM brands.

Card enrolment options:

  • ACS admin, an online interface for card enrolment and “live” transaction activity;
  • Batch file enrolment via SFTP, for mass card enrolment;
  • Online enrolment, directly from online bank to Modirum;
  • Dedicated bank branded cardholder enrolment site

Authentication options:

  • SMS OTP, standard one time password for payment authentication;
  • ModirumID, a mobile app for payment and for web-bank authentication;
  • National BankIDs, such Danish NemID, Swedish BankID, Finnish Tupas etc;
  • Hardware tokens, display cards etc;
  • Biometric solutions, such as facial recognition etc;
  • Risk based authentication, using risk rules and fraud scoring engine;
  • Custom solutions as per issuer request.

Modirum hosted ACS package options ready-to-use:

  • SMS OTP solution with various setup options;
  • Redirection API, redirecting to bank for authentication;
  • Background Authentication API, for full data control;
  • De-enrolment solution, when card data is limited.

ACS admin - a multi-language online tool allows:

  • log-in to view live transactions, status and results
  • easy to securely enroll cards
  • verify the cardholders
  • convenient to add and change risk rules for authentication
  • simple to request various reports
  • control users and accesses
  • maintain technical configurations, such as keys, certificates

Modirum hosted ACS service provide:

  • 24/7 hosting service with in-depth knowledge of 3-D Secure;
  • project implementation team;
  • ready-to-use solution packages like SMS OTP, Redirection API, etc;
  • options to make customisations as per issuer request;
  • multi-hosting-sites with geo-redundancy;
  • high-availability performance as per customer expectation;
  • various support packages for efficient service;
  • ACS admin tool access to view activity online.