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You identify, we authenticate

Modirum is a worldwide leader in the constantly evolving market of Card Not Present (CNP) payments. Company offers the complete spectrum of niche solutions for Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, PSPs and merchants to authenticate, secure and process Card not Present payments through certified PCI-DSS geo-redundant datacenters and PA-DSS certified software solutions. Company was founded in 1998. Modirum head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Company Operates :

  • Hosting Centers in New York (USA), Oslo (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Sales Offices in Estonia (Tallinn), UK (London) and Greece (Athens) 
  • Support and Development Offices in Finland, Russia and Philippines

More than 1000 Issuing Banks, tens of thousands of Merchants and more that 50 millions of cardholders in over 60 Countries are using Modirum solutions and services.More than 400 million transactions are processed annually by hosted and in premise installations.

Modirum has been in IT-development, consulting Services and online banking from the early days. Especially in the area of authentication solutions and services, Modirum sits at the forefront regards the development of technologies and services that provide secure customer authentication and identity verification. Modirum has worked closely with organisations like Visa and Nokia for the development of authentication protocols like 3D-Secure protocol and mobile commerce projects over the years. Modirum provides a complete 3D-Secure product suite for both card issuers and merchant acquirers.  

Modirum pool of experts are utilizing latest technologies, building an advanced solution framework that could serve an organization's current and future needs, while in the same time creates efficiencies

Modirum has extensive experience in defining, developing and implementing authentication & payment solutions for all environments and client needs. The flexibility in the architecture and design of Modirum products ensures that any new authentication  & payment methods and schemes can be easily integrated and supported, in a minimum timeframe.

Being a pioneer with a solid footprint in payments world for more than 20 years, utilizing strong business acumen and R&D expertise, Modirum preserves proven capacity to significantly help organizations in offering state-of-the-art services, creating new revenue streams, while in the same time reduce CapEx and OpEx.

Modirum Products

  • Authentication Software and Transaction processing Products
    • Modirum Authentication and Access Control Server (ACS) >>>
    • Modirum VPOS for  /Processor/PSP/Acquirer/Merchants >>>
    • Modirum MPI for /Processor/PSP/Acquirer/Merchants >>>
    • Modirum DS (Directory Server) for Payment Systems >>>
    • Modirum 3-D Secure 2.0 SDK  >>>
    • Risk Scoring Network for advanced fraud prevention and Scoring
    • Chip Authentication Protocol (CAP)/DPA Authentication Server
    • ModirumID Authentication and Transaction Signing Mobile App >>>
  • Hosted processing services
    • 3-D Secure (Issuer ACS and Acquirer/PSP MPI/3DSS)
    • VPOS Payment Gateway and Transaction Processing
    • Home banking logins and transaction signatures
  • Consulting Services
    • Design of new authentication protocols
    • Authentication implementation
    • 3D-Secure protocol implementation, best practices , development and enhancements
    • Mobile Commerce and authentication

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